Ani and Arpé are two sisters passionate about the world of fashion. Always in love with elegant clothes, beautiful finishes and silky fabrics.

Originally from Armenia and daughters of costume designers at the National Opera of Armenia, they grew up in an artistic world. From a very young age, they are already making collections for their dolls.

Ani and Arpé studied Fine Arts and graduated in stage costumes and clothing design.

Immediately, they both joined the National Opera of Armenia, Ani as a stage decorator and Arpé as a hat maker. 

Versatile, sometimes designer for artists, sometimes for international dance and theater troupes. They also participated in the creation of the costumes for Eurovision 2010 and Dancing with the Stars in 2008.


In 2017, Ani and Arpé decided to make their dream come true and created their clothing brand. 

Inspired by music, architecture and their feminine sensitivity, they create modern pieces with timeless and timeless cuts. For their collections, they choose with the greatest care noble and delicate materials, supplied by luxury houses from France and Italy, they create exceptional outfits “Made in France”.


With their brand, the two young artists break fashion codes and enhance the natural elegance of women. The ANI ARPÉ brand is aimed at active, independent, fulfilled and free women. A touch of extravagance and impertinence, sometimes sensual, sometimes sophisticated, but always elegant and offering the wearer confidence and originality.